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Rotational Matters

Wood Turning

Welcome to Rotational Matters Woodturning


I create useful works of art from wood through woodturning.  Using the lathe means my creations are a variation on a cylinder shape from bowls (boxes in woodturner's lingo), and coasters, to spindle based objects like dibbers (planting sticks) and muddlers (to mix your drinks). My workshop in located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  I usually work with local Maritime Canadian wood.


Mark Hazen

2024 Events for Rotational Matters


It's a wrap for 2023 - just finished the last craft show of the season.  No more shows scheduled so if you wish to buy something, please contact me at

If you have a craft show you would like to suggest I attend in 2024, please contact me with details.

Many people are curious about the process of woodturning.  I have made two videos of me making a beech bowl and a biscuit cutter so you can see some of the process.  These are not meant to be instructional videos.

News from the Shop:

December 2023

With craft shows finished, I am slowing down for Christmas.  Just a last few products to make that I had promised to people.  The Christmas trees as demonstrated by the first craft of the Christmas season turned out to be a hit and were difficult to keep in stock and the biscuit cutters were nearly the same.  I did discover that Nova Scotians like bigger biscuit cutters than people from PEI.

Happy holidays and all the best for 2024,



Tree Ornaments.jpeg
23-biscuit cutter.JPEG
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