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Mark Hazen

While ​working in Australia in 2000, I took a weekend course in wood turning with a friend.  That was all it took; I was hooked.  For the first few years I mostly made pencil holders and experimented while I learned what not to do.  However, there was a excursion into crafting  Harry Potter wands for my kids.  Imagine my disappointment when in the movies wands were not lovely turned objects but twigs. 


When my supply of woodturned objects was exceeding the shelf space in the living room, my wife gave me a choice - stop doing woodturning or start moving it out.  So Rotational Matters was born in 2019.


Now I mostly make small bowls and spindle based implements like dibbers (planting sticks), muddlers (for mixing drinks) and spurtles (stir sticks) in my small workshop in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. 


I love how with turning you can take a hunk of old wood, that furniture builders would reject, and create beautiful (and useful) objects.

It's all about whats inside the chunk of wood

Mark Hazen

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